I”ve never hid the fact that hops and my taste buds don”t really get along.  There are some hoppier beers I do like and after drinking this 5.7% ABV American Pale Ale by Stone, I found one more to like.

Ripper by Stone Brewing company pours a light amber color with a huge head.  I mean I’ve tried this a few times with the glass at different angles and the pour speed different and this is still the head that I got. The smell is a nice citrus mixed with a bit of caramel and some pine.  I believe its a mix of citrus flavors because the over all aroma is pleasant and very floral. The taste, while hoppy, was far less bitter and much smoother than I thought it would be and it had a nice combination of citrus fruits and hops.  The different flavors come in at different times, I like when flavors are layered and work well and this brew has that.

This is a slightly hoppy beer that I’ll be glad to buy again, it had a good flavor and wasn’t too hoppy or bitter and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  3.5 out 5 kegs.