Ah Key Lime Pie, a perennial favorite of mine and my wife’s. So when i received this offering in a make your own six pack I got for my birthday I was intrigued.  I had an instant phantom taste in my head of what it would taste like.  Let’s just say it turned out to be much different than I had thought.

It poured a pretty light, cloudy golden color.  It also had a rather nice white head on it that did stay around a bit. The aroma coming from the glass was what I expected, the smell of lime and I wanna say a bit of vanilla and there was a sweet smell, reminded me of graham crackers, doubt that was what it was, but smelled like it. The taste, well, here’s where it loses me.  I thought it was too tart and not sweet or limey enough and I didn’t pick up enough of the sweetness from earlier or the graham cracker taste.  Oddly, when I looked at what others thought, everyone thought it was sweet and just like key lime pie.  So I’m not sure why it doesn’t work for me, it just didn’t.

Overall I was dissapointed, not the worst beer I’ve had by a long shot but far from the best.  For me it was too bitter and didn’t taste enough like key lime pie.  So while it may be for some, it”s not for this reviewer, 2 out of 5 kegs.