A long time ago on a small ball of rock travelling around Sol there was a man that wanted to be a blogger, vlogger and podcaster. He read some books, bought some equipment and started a “company” called Nervous Dog Productions.

Over time he would create over five different podcasts and meet some interesting people. Eventually due to family growth the man would eventually run out of time to continue his dream. He never did get very popular but has been doing guest spots on other shows.

He was also tired of managing multiple pages on sites and trying to keep them all up to date, one on the podcast service, one on the respective websites and of course all the social media.

Flash forward to now and the man has decided its time to return with some old content and some all new content. The man is me and this time around I’ve called it Potoky Creative. It’s a name that represents the fact that I will not only have blogs and podcasts but other forms of media for you to enjoy as well.

Over the coming months, you’ll see the website come together, you’ll see classic content from years gone by added and hopefully new content add as well. Everything from popculture to food and drinks to travel and this time all organized in one spot on one site.

So thank you for visiting and please check back often and hopefully you’ll find a few things that you’ll like

-John Potoky