Every since I tried Founders I’ve been a fan.  This Porter is no different.  At 6.5% ABV it”s not too strong but it’s higher than the average beer people drink.  So onto the review!

The pour is dark, like a good porter should be, hell damned near solid black with a slight light brown head.  The head does settle a bit after the pour.

The aroma is very pleasant.  A nice mix of roasted coffee, milk, dark chocolate and a bit of fruit.  A very pleasant smell, not too much different from other porters.

The taste is my favorite part of this beer.  Its a great mix of coffee, chocolate and a bit of vanilla, which was not something I smelled originally.  There was also a just a hint of cherry.  It was a rather smooth taste with good mouth feel.

Overall this became one of my favorite porters, and that’s a bold statement since I generally only drink stouts and porters.  So not only do I recommend it, but I give it 4.5 out of 5 kegs.