what happens when you combine one of my favorite bands of all time with one of my favorite beer styles of all time? You get my money that’s what!  While Iron Maidens first beer, The Trooper was an ESB and not bad, I didn’t think it was great either, mostly due to it not being my style.  This time around the team at Robinsons, mainly Head Brewer Martyn Weeks, along with Iron Maiden, mainly ale aficionado Bruce Dickinson really put out something that will get my money every time I see it.

First let’s start with the basics, Robinsons Family Brewers are located in England, Stockport Chesire I believe.  They’ve been brewing for a long time, since 1838 and that means they’ve damned near perfected what they do and it shows in this 6.8% ABV Porter.  Now onto the review!

This porter, in traditional porter style, pours dark, but not nearly black, a redish brown, hence red n black.  They fused caramel and chocolate malts to achieve it and it worked pretty well.  It also had a decent light brown head, it just didn’t last too long.

The aroma is fantastic on this one, I put it up there with the Founders Porter if not just a hint better.  It has a nice sweet smell, hints of caramel, molasses and roaster grain.  There are also faint notes of dried fruit.  Overall a very nice smell.

I do really enjoy the taste of this beer as well, hints of caramel, molasses, yeast and dried fruit all come together nicely for a nice relatively smooth porter. Overall its one of my favorite porters and while it says Limited Edition on the bottle I really am hoping its not!  Overall 4.5 out of 5 kegs.