A white stout?! Is what I assume you’re asking yourselves right now after seeing the name of this brew, and that would be the right reaction.  It’s the same reaction I had and after a lot of research, let’s just say it’s most likely not an actual stout, but its damned good.  Brewed by James Page Brewing in Stevens Point Wisconsin, this 6.00% ABV “white stout” is available year round.

Let me just open the review portion by saying that, I don”t care about the controversy surrounding the “white stout” name, because I think this is a great beer that I have recommended many times over to people who have enjoyed it as much as me.  It turned out to be a solid gateway beer to the world of craft and micro brews for many of them.  Anyway, the beer pours a cloudy orange color and has a slight head, it starts off at about an inch or so then thins out to just a ring, but the ring sticks around till the end

The aroma was very pleasant.  A nice mix of hops, chocolate, vanilla, a bit of coffee and a hint of citrus. The taste, well, I like it  a lot, all the flavors you smell come through as you drink it and its nice and smooth.  It”s might feel a lot lighter than a regular stout, but its got as much flavor if not more then most of them .

So overall  I really enjoy this beer and highly recommend it. I give it 4 out of 5 kegs.