When you grew up in a Bears family yet somehow had a mother that was a Green Bay fan, a six pack of this beer is what you get when she visits her Mecca, Lambau field.  While she didn’t get it from the stadium, its clear what football team the brewers of this beer root for.  So being a Bears fan there’s a lot wrong with having to review this, the whole time I was hoping it would be the worst beer I’ve ever had……it wasn’t.

First off is the pour as usual, much like its name, Lombardi Golden Ale, it pours a clear golden color and whatever head was there dissipates. The aroma isn’t bad, but it’s nothing special, there is a bit of sweet also. still nothing out of the ordinary.

The taste, much of the same, it was designed as a session beer for tailgating so its only I believe 4.0% ABV and its very smooth as well.  Its pretty light but I will say there is a decent amount of flavor, personally I would put it over a good amount of light beers out there.  There is also a nice subtle sweetness to it.

So this is another hard part, I need to put my support of a crappy team aside and admit, that this beer isn’t bad, it’s not great, but not bad.  I’m not sure how far from the area you can find it, but it is a good tailgating or summer session beer. 2.5 out 5 kegs.