Digging up an ancient relic may not be an everyday occurrence, but there’s a good chance it would be worth a pretty penny. How’s that for making a quick buck? Heh heh. Well, if you’re mood for some Italian insanity, you can feast your eyes on The Raiders of Atlantis knowing that it never runs out of fuel. Unless, of course, you’re aimlessly flying a chopper. Now, wouldn’t that be a way to show off? In any case, gratuitous gunfire and murderous Molotovs are as satisfying as a pasta salad with a side of baked beans, which, now that I think about it, would pair well with the chaos.

A film of this ilk wouldn’t be complete without its fair share of odd-looking characters, nor would it hit the spot if it took itself too seriously. Talk about a winning combination! There is a running joke early on in the film wherein Mohammed doesn’t hesitate to express his annoyance at being referred to as Washington, and yet his fellow survivors refer to him as such anyway. Not only is it all in good fun, but it balances out the grim elements, namely the darkening sky and the catastrophic current. So much for a bright and sunny day, huh? Heh. At least the unforeseen weather conditions are enough to give rise to the titular group, what with their penchant for leather and vicious-looking vehicles. They may stand out like a sore thumb, but there’s no denying that they take pride in doing so as they give a man and his wife a run for their money.

As for Atlantis, it doesn’t come into play until the second half, but the wait is worth it as there’s no shortage of thrills. You have your firefights, your statue which shoots lasers like it’s nobody’s business; your climactic fight scene, and even a booby trap thrown in for good measure. It’s all here, and boy, does Deodato deliver the goods.

Although the idea of bikers descending from Atlantis is an odd one, you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll be entertained. But if you aren’t, you’d best keep your thoughts to yourself, as you’re likely to go toe-to-toe with a rowdy raider quicker than you can say apocalyptic anarchy.