Fashion models, brutal murders, exquisite colors, elaborate set pieces, and a rhythmic score. These are the elements that are brought to life in what is a stunner of a giallo, and so the viewing experience is nothing short of engrossing...
There's nothing like a case of blood fever to put a damper on summer fun. Just be you have plenty of insect repellent to go around because these bugs are relentless. If that sounds like your idea of camping, you're..
Merry Christmas! James and I review a movie that had it come out on time might have really had an influence on the Christmas Horror is a genre right? sub genre? Well either way with a pretty decent cast..
I guess the first shark is too busy pursuing his prey to comment on this movie, so the world may never know if he's related to the titular shark. Wouldn't it be something if he was? If so, I can..
Sometimes all you need to experience a reality that is just as vivid as life itself is a crash helmet and an obsolete computer. Sounds like a low budget way of bringing virtual experience to life, doesn't it? Well, don't..