There’s nothing like a case of blood fever to put a damper on summer fun. Just be you have plenty of insect repellent to go around because these bugs are relentless. If that sounds like your idea of camping, you’re in for a smorgasbord of effects. Watch as mosquitoes use their appendages to pierce flesh. Watch as they raise the stakes by forming a swarm. See the cheap-looking but believable stop-motion photography. It’s all here. As a bonus, you won’t have to worry about any of it buzzing by casually, but you best be mindful of the stingers.

There is a scene in which Ray, Megan, and Parks go to the ranger’s office to find out what they can about the situation; however, that doesn’t go as planned because they find the place in a state of disarray. It’s one of the few instances that, from a storytelling perspective, stands out as it is evident that the mosquito attack that took place prior wasn’t without wreaking havoc. It isn’t difficult to imagine. In addition, it’s a scene of interest because the aforementioned characters are clued into what the mosquitoes are capable of, which is the point in which the hunted begins to think like the hunter. It isn’t a particularly complex aspect, but in terms of serving as the basis for survival, it doesn’t disappoint.

Though Mosquito is undeniably ridiculous, it has its fair share of enthralling moments, one of which involves an RV being chased by mosquitoes. Who knew avoiding them would involve reckless driving as well as plenty of gunfire? It may be out-of-control, but at least the park rangers are spared from being swarmed with paperwork.

There’s no denying that mosquitoes are pests, but this movie is pure fun. Give it a look or get your blood sucked like there’s no tomorrow.