For the first edition of Keep Calm and Spin This, I start by reviewing an album by a band I had never heard of until it popped up on my Tidal page under new albums.  The album is Power by the Scottish indie band Twin Atlantic.  Now, I used the term indie above, because that’s what Tidal has them classified as but I’m not sure it really fits this album.

I’ve never heard any of the other band’s albums, so I can’t compare this one to those, although from what I read the older albums are less, Depeche Mode?  Not sure that’s the best way to put it, but from the first track Oh! Euphoria! The album reminded me of classic Depeche Mode and the late 80’s and early 90’s when my life was full of promise. 

The album is littered with great synths and even guitar riffs here and there.  As a fan of bands like Gunship! And Timecop1983, bands that are what’s known as synthwave I loved it.  Maybe it’s because it has a nostalgic sound, but I thought it was a very good album and I have now listened to it a few times.  Lyrically the album seems strong as well and almost every track is energetic.  It would be a great gaming or work out album…..or backing for an 80’s training montage. 

For me there are a couple of standout tracks, Oh! Euphoria! Is a solid introduction to the album and sets the overall tone for the album.  Novocaine is probably the most alt/indie rock sounding track on the album but is peppered with synth sounds throughout and some reverb here and there.  I feel it to starts with a great driving synth sound throughout and really evokes imagery of just racing through streets or hallways or anything. Ultraviolet Truth which may be the most Depeche Mode sounding track on this album and since the 90’s Depeche Mode.   Volcano is another solid track, great synth work and I thought as with the rest the lyrics were solid as well.

Overall I really enjoyed this track, It’s very late 80’s early 90’s with a bit of modern alt-rock/Indie-rock thrown in.  If you like the music from the 80’s and 90’s or Depeche Mode I would give it a shot.

7 out of 10 albums.