All Time Low has been around a long time, I mean a long time almost 20 years now and were one of the main driving forces behind the pop punk revival in the mid 2000’s…when music was still good but I digress. 

While some have always complained that pop punk bands never change, I find that to be their redeeming and endearing quality, if I’m having a bad day, I know I can put on an album by any of them and feel better because it always feels like an old friend visiting.  Wake Up, Sunshine is no different, which is a damned good thing since we’re all stuck inside. 

Wake Up, Sunshine was clearly recorded pre-pandemic which is a plus because All Time Low’s style is exactly the kind of upbeat album some of us need right now.  Every track oozes with Nostalgia which just makes me feel good and forget the shitstorm that we’re all dealing with. (I for one know it will end and we’ll be stronger than ever but still) 

My favorite four tracks help give the main points of the story the album tells, so I’ll focus on those.

Some Kind of Disaster Is the lead off batter on this one and one of the strongest tracks, which says a lot because there aren’t too many weak tracks.  It’s pretty much an intro to the band and a quick recap of their history.  It sounds just like it should and there’s no mistake its All Time Low from the lyrics, vocals and guitars to the drums and bass.

January Gloom which is obviously about the depression we all experience in January waiting for the warmer weather…..or I guess really replace January with COVID and it still works.  Anyway for a track that’s supposed to be more depressing its still a pretty catchy upbeat sounding track.

Safe is pretty much the opposite of January Gloom and while its not the last track on the album it leaves us feeling upbeat and optimistic, which is something some of us sorely need right now and pretty much says when the worlds got you down, go to a happy place and stop thinking about it for awhile.   This track really highlights the vocals and as usual the band is spot on as well.

The final track kind of brings the album to a nice close, rewinding us to what the band must’ve been thinking as they broke out, Basement Noise is all about “stupid boys making basement noise”  I really like this track and it’s a nice look into the beginnings of the band and how they felt as they became popular and things strarted to change a bit. 

Overall I love this album, it’s full of the upbeat, inspirational pop punk they’re known for and while some complain they haven’t “changed” or “evolved” I for one am damn glad they haven’t and I hope they never do.

5/5 albums