A full moon means one thing and one thing only: there’s a murderous maniac on the loose. It’s a simple formula, really, so you can’t rest assured that opportunities to feast your eyes on the mayhem aren’t amiss. That’s one thing Moonstalker has going for it. It may not be the best thing since sliced bread; it may not knock your socks off six ways from Sunday. However, the familiar setting pairs well with the wintry backdrop, and so the film has a cozy yet chilly atmosphere about it that pulls you in right from the start. It’s nothing to sneeze at, though you may wanna avoid sneezing, for you never know when the titular terror will catch you by surprise.

Whether he’s chained up in a straitjacket or stalking his victims, Bernie is the man of the hour. Sure, physically imposing psychos are a dime a dozen, but when you have a villain who doesn’t need to say anything to make a point, you can bet you have a recipe that never loses its luster. In fact, Blake Gibbons’ portrayal of the dark and moody menace is bound to keep you on your toes as the camp counselors find that their wilderness training isn’t what they signed up for. So much for making a quick buck in the off-season, huh?

A fair amount of the characters are introduced just to get killed off; there are no two ways about that. I’m not gonna complain about that too much, however. The creativity of the kills makes up for it, as does the fact that dismembered limbs are topped off nicely by graphic gunshot wounds, an impressive impalement, a striking spiking, and a blistering shower scene. They’re all here; they’re all on display, which I’m sure you’ll appreciate as long as Bernie doesn’t have a bone to pick with you. Then again, he doesn’t play favorites, so you’d best tread carefully.

I had been meaning to check out Moonstalker for quite some time, and I’m glad I did. It may look cheap, but it has a certain charm, and there’s some fun to be had with the characters, including a military-themed S&M bit. I never thought I would see that.