Got a hankering for some hiking? If so, you’d best be careful about where you pitch your tent as bear attacks are more commonplace than you think. So much for the tranquility of nature, eh? The good news is there’s plenty of eye-catching scenery on display, what with the luscious backgrounds and sun-drenched greenery. It’s simple stuff, sure, but considering that the bear is territorial to the nth degree, you can’t blame him for dismembering anyone who happens to get too close for comfort. After all, not all creatures are cuddly, but at least you can shamelessly enjoy mangled flesh with a side of rice if such tickles your fancy.

I don’t know about you, but I will say that they POV shots are worth mentioning. They provide a perspective that in addition to being unique to the man-eating monster, they convey that he thrives on the element of surprise. It’s a trait which is implemented well as victims are attacked so brutally that their chances of getting out alive are nonexistent. It’s flesh tearing at its finest, which the camerawork doesn’t fail to emphasize.

As for the efforts to keep the bear at bay, Ranger Kelly does things his own way, much to the dismay of the park supervisor. How’s that for giving bureaucracy the boot? Well, even if Grizzly isn’t heavy on politics, the scenes in which Kelly and Kittridge butt heads are entertaining, considering that their dialogue is clichéd. There’s just something about their contempt towards one another, you know? Plus, the third act has its fair share of thrills as Kelly and his buddies are hell-bent on putting an end to the bear’s reign of terror. If that isn’t an ideal way to take out their frustrations, I don’t know what is. One thing I do know, however, is that their hatred for the animal is nothing short of cathartic, in which case the rocket launcher is the icing on the cake. Brazen overkill, anyone?

Grizzly is exploitation in full force, so if you can get behind that, you’ll find that there’s plenty to bear witness to. Bad pun, I know, but I couldn’t resist. Anyway, if you aren’t compelled to feast your eyes on this piece of matinee madness, then be sure to play dead when the need arises.