Nurse Mortley may be portly, but that doesn't stop her from satisfying her bloodlust. She's cooped up in the clinic all day, so I can't say I blame her. After all, she's just doing her job, even if her penchant..
In this episode James and I go over what may be Tia Carrere's first movie, Zombie Nightmare. It also "stars" Adam West doing his best Shatner impersonation and a coroner who does a great poor mans Columbo impersanation. Enjoy!
This week James and I discuss and breakdown the classic 1980 slasher film Maniac, an underrated gem if there ever was one. Starring Joe Spinell and Starcrash co-star and B- Movie queen Caroline Munro. It's a twisted tail of scalps,..
In this episode I go over one of my favorite bad movies which became one of my favorite Mystery Science 3000 episodes, I present Space Mutiny!