In the midst of arachnid anarchy, are ya? If so, you’d best watch yourself as these creepy crawlers go for the jugular like a prizefighter in the last round. But then again, maybe you’re the type who enjoys an adrenaline rush, in which case you’ll find that Ticks is filled to the brim with hairy situations as the titular creatures latch onto to whoever they see fit to quench their thirst for blood. Merciless little suckers, aren’t they? Surely every mosquito and their brother are throwing in the towel after witnessing such mayhem.

The film has its share of ridiculous ideas, such as increasing marijuana output by way of herbal steroids. I don’t know what creator Doug Beswick was on when he came up with that, but boy, does it give the ticks the upper hand. In addition to the moments in which characters experience hair-raising hallucinations, the visuals do a good job of portraying their state of mind, a state of mind which is teeming with psychotronic panache as frightening flashbacks and burrowing bloodsuckers coalesce. Talk about a bad trip!

Without a doubt, the gross-out factor is high, so if you can get behind that, you’ll delight in the disgust as slime oozes, skin bursts, and flesh swells. It’s all part of the fun, and what’s more, the creativity on display doesn’t disappoint, what with its penchant for exaggeration. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, then you’d best make sure that you aren’t infested. After all, it would be alarming to give birth to a giant tick now, wouldn’t it?

While Ticks isn’t likely to cause you to think twice about spending time in nature, it doesn’t fail to entertain. And for that alone, it’s an infestation worth experiencing. Just remember to squish ’em and you’ll keep the exterminator away.