If you’re looking to spend a night in a cemetery, then you better be sure that doing so doesn’t entail encountering a Satan worshipping serial killer unless you’re willing to risk your life. It’s unlikely you would forget the unsightliness of grisly deaths, especially if you and your friends are pranksters. After all, it’s all fun and games until someone is brutally killed, right?

The scene in which the teen boys carry out the ritual is worth the price of admission. As it builds, there is hard rain as well as a sense of dread — both of which signify the apex of the ritual. In this regard, the risk which the boys is such that there is no turning back, especially since they are not at all concerned about the outcome. But then again, when you have teens whose only concerns are partying and getting it on with their girlfriends, it isn’t surprising that they meet their demise. Sounds a bit cliche, doesn’t it? It is, but it doesn’t wear out its welcome as the scenes in which the teens find themselves at the mercy of the killer stand out due to the POV shots as well as the brutality on display. Both are given their due, and so there is plenty to go around.

In addition to the teens, there is a group of kids who are drawn to the cemetery, so you get two perspectives for the price of one. How’s that for making the most of the budget? Well, one thing that stands out about the kids’ perspective is their curious nature. They take time to explore the graveyard as well as the mansion, all the while unaware of the killer’s reign of terror. Such detail is of note because the scenes in which the kids stumble upon the fresh kills are alarming, the extent of which conveys that they haven’t faced such dread before. As such, their determination when it comes to getting out of Dodge rounds out the third act nicely as doing so involves quite a few encounters with the undead.

Elements such as the synth-driven score, the howling of the wind, and the chirping of crickets come together seamlessly. As they do, they contribute to the cemetery’s atmosphere in such a way which empathizes its eeriness. For this reason, you will find yourself immersed in the soundscape as it reverberates. It’s quite a thing to experience, and in doing so, you will find that the cemetery has an abundance of detail.

While I haven’t had much exposure to Mexican horror, I enjoyed my time with this. I think you will too, even if you’re mildly interested.