In this episode James and I go over what may be Tia Carrere's first movie, Zombie Nightmare. It also "stars" Adam West doing his best Shatner impersonation and a coroner who does a great poor mans Columbo impersanation. Enjoy!
The first thing that comes to mind after viewing this is that trauma sure has a way of rearing its ugly head. Since it is heavily focused upon, it makes for quite the downward spiral of Terry's psychological state, and..
While there is less stability around us right now, for some more than others, there are a few things that always help us feel better, movies, music, TV shows, porn etc. Usually it’s the items that make us feel nostalgic..
Today James and I breakdown what should be a classic, Ghoulies 2. Building on the "evil/possesed creature" craze of the 80's and throws it in a traveling carnivals house of horrors. This Albert Band (father of Charles Band) directed horror..
Did you know even if you don't follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you can still get updated on all the new podcasts and blogs simply by stopping by and subscribing by email? If not you know now so..
Well back to some good ole fashioned Sci-Fi B-movie fodder now with Starcrash. Hot off the heels of the success of Star Wars, Caroline Munro takes the role of the sexy and fearless Stella Star and leads Akton, Elle and..
This week James and I discuss and breakdown the classic 1980 slasher film Maniac, an underrated gem if there ever was one. Starring Joe Spinell and Starcrash co-star and B- Movie queen Caroline Munro. It's a twisted tail of scalps,..
I usually post stuff on a schedule, such as Battletruck on Monday, but with St Patricks Day fast approaching how could I not go over Leprechaun with you guys? Oh did I mention the famous Warwick Davis it the Leprechaun..
This time around I talk about what I think is one of the most original horror films ever. A film that created an iconic villain who even non fans know. Is he really a villain though, depending on your view..
What do you get when you combine a flying silver ball with a dagger and a dude that looks like an undertaker? One of the best horror films ever that's what, Phantasm.