A classic slasher film about a summer camp where Felissa Rose goes mental and kills a bunch of campers in somewhat unique ways....that might have been a spoiler......oh and James Earl Jones father has a part in it.
Next up is a movie I watch every black Friday, Chopping Mall. It's pretty much the story of Johnny 5 getting a job as a mall security guard, getting struck by lightning and snapping. Oh and going on a bloody..
This time around I talk about one of my favorite Sci-Fi b-movies of all time! So join me as we go back in time time with Jack Deth to stop the Trancers threat!
In this episode I go over one of my favorite bad movies which became one of my favorite Mystery Science 3000 episodes, I present Space Mutiny!
In this Jerry Sangiuliano "classic" we discover a programmer at a software company is writing software that will allow the government to take control of peoples minds.....I think.