Well back to some good ole fashioned Sci-Fi B-movie fodder now with Starcrash. Hot off the heels of the success of Star Wars, Caroline Munro takes the role of the sexy and fearless Stella Star and leads Akton, Elle and..
Starring the legendary Rutger Hauer, Wedlock or Deadlock as it was called in the US on HBO also starred Mimi Rogers, Joan Chen and James Remar in a tale of a heist, a setup and betrayal. It's actually a damned..
This time around I talk about one of my favorite Sci-Fi b-movies of all time! So join me as we go back in time time with Jack Deth to stop the Trancers threat!
In this Jerry Sangiuliano "classic" we discover a programmer at a software company is writing software that will allow the government to take control of peoples minds.....I think.