This week James and I discuss and breakdown the classic 1980 slasher film Maniac, an underrated gem if there ever was one. Starring Joe Spinell and Starcrash co-star and B- Movie queen Caroline Munro. It's a twisted tail of scalps,..
Whats this? I have a co-host? Sure do and he picked out this little gem to review for this weeks brand new episode! In this John McNaughton directed sci-fi horror film starring Rae Dawn Chong, an alien is banished to..
I've watched a lot of horror movies in my lifetime, but there are two locales for horror that actually give me the chills. Movies about the oceans depths and movies that are set in space. Being a Sci-Fi and horror..
In the early 1980's everyone was trying to rip off Mad Max, these guys were on the right track with their post apocalyptic movie Battletruck, plus it was filmed in New Zealand, one of my favorite places on Earth! Oh..
What do you get when you combine a flying silver ball with a dagger and a dude that looks like an undertaker? One of the best horror films ever that's what, Phantasm.
In this episode I discuss with myself, because I really need a co-host, one of the most influential B-Movies in the last 40 years. One of my favorites that also launched the career of "The Chin" himself, Mister Bruce Campbell...
Next up is a movie I watch every black Friday, Chopping Mall. It's pretty much the story of Johnny 5 getting a job as a mall security guard, getting struck by lightning and snapping. Oh and going on a bloody..