Without hesitation, vampire women rise from their graves as an orphan wanders into the cemetery. This is a simple but effective scene, as well as one that has a poetic, almost hypnotic quality about it. It is rather distinctive; in fact, it speaks to Count Yorga’s influence while also conveying that he is alive and well. As such, his return is all the more significant, especially since he is able to blend in as much as he is able to draw attention to himself. Such qualities are well conveyed, and not only that, but they add to the mystique of Yorga, which, considering that he has been revived by way of the supernatural Santa Ana winds, is the icing on the cake.

There are moments in which the camera flows freely. Moments that say a lot with very little, such as Cynthia being stuck in Yorga’s mansion and hearing voices and laughter, bring about psychological distress. It’s a standout scene, and it has an unsettling quality about it due to the mixture of audio and visuals. It’s rather striking. There’s also a scene in which Jennifer comes across the bodies of Cynthia’s family. Not only is it a telling aftermath of the brides’ attack, but it is accompanied by free flowing yet slightly disorienting camerawork. It’s quite a sequence.

The atmosphere is another aspect that stands out. It is so potent, so unmistakable that it permeates the screen as though Yorga himself is biting on the viewer’s neck as he catches his victims by surprise. The boating dock scene is all the more effective for this reason, and what’s more, it is topped off by a slaying that is eerily reflected in rippling waters. It’s one of those moments that has a strong aura about it, and there’s no denying its visual interest. The finale is thrilling as well, given the degree of uncertainty as to whether David and the two detectives will make it out alive in their pursuit of Yorga. It truly is a grand finale, and one that has its share of unexpected turns.

Though The Return of Count Yorga is more of the same in some respects, it is a worthy follow-up nonetheless. This works in the film’s favor, and I must say that it has enough suspense to go around. Plus, the characters are all distinct, so you can rest assured that the victims aren’t lacking in variety. More power to the Count and his brides, methinks.