Funny how an ounce of new blood can make all the difference in the world, innit? Heh. Well, even if Dracula is no hematologist, he knows a thing or two when it comes to performing a transfusion, so you gotta give him credit where it’s due. Not too much credit, though, because otherwise he’ll give ya a bite you won’t soon forget. Wouldn’t want that, now would ya? Didn’t think so, but at least you can immerse yourself in the world of Old Dracula knowing that it is film which celebrates extravagant living, the lust for blood, and the joys of old age. It’s a good mix that will have your baring your incisors which, as far as enjoying the film goes, is rather fitting.

There are few moments in which Dracula’s wife expresses interest in going out for a night on the town, only to have him turn down her requests. Talk about being an old fart! I can’t say that I would enjoy being one, especially if I were a vampire; however, the scenes in which Vampira attempts to entertain herself are amusing, particularly the bit in which she slurps loudly from a straw. You can tell that she doesn’t care if she’s being annoying, which is why it works. It also serves as a segue into her husband giving into her demands to the point where they go out for a night on the town which, while short-lived, isn’t without conveying the liveliness of the nightlife.

The party scene is something else. It features eye-catching costumes, era appropriate disco, more Draculas than the Count himself could keep track of, a few close-up shots of a bat, and dancing which is captured in such a way that puts the viewer in the midst of the party. It is the most extravagant scene in the film, but none of it is wasted. There’s always something happening, whether Dracula is attempting to retrieve teeth from a lookalike or the bat is taking flight. It’s pretty groovy, if you ask me.

There isn’t much bloodletting in this, which may disappoint you if you’re expecting such. But hey, the lighthearted tone is by no means a detriment, what with Dracula having a special set of teeth and the emphasis on high fashion. Who knew David Niven enjoyed living lavishly? Heh. I guess he has to make up for sleeping in a coffin somehow, even if violent blaxploitation films aren’t his cup of tea. There’s no denying that blood is, however, considering the lengths he goes to to restore his wife’s skin color. I never would’ve guessed that a wine glass is ideal for containing blood, but considering the thickness of it, old Drac’d be hard-pressed not to get what he wants, even if the outcome is an unexpected one. If that doesn’t get your juices flowing, I don’t know what will.